Openbuilds Laser Mounting Kit


This is a printed mount to fit on the front of the standard Openbuilds spindle holder found here:


  • 3D printed laser holder for J Tech Photonics Lasers
  • 2x 6-32 screws for mounting laser
  • 3D printed laser driver holder for J Tech Photonics drivers
  • Extended power cable (for larger machines)
  • Extended molex mini fit cable
  • Zip ties and Zip tie holder

(You need to provide the M5 screws to attach to the Spindle Mount.)

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This kit includes:

  1. Laser spindle mount holder
  2. Laser driver mount
  3. Molex Mini fit cable
  4. Extended power cable
  5. Zip Ties
  6. Zip Tie holder

There have been a lot of people building using the openbuilds platform, so we decided to make a mount for the front of the spindle holder to make it easy to have a spindle and a laser.  This kit is designed to be able to work with all of the sizes of the openbuilds platform by including the longer Molex cable and the extended power cable.  Make sure you machine has the Openbuilds Spindle Mount on it before purchasing.  If you machine has another spindle mount then this will not work.

The laser is mounted on the front of the spindle in this kit.  If you want just the laser inside of the spindle using a heatsink follow the instructions here:  Openbuilds C Beam Upgrade

This mount is 3D printed and will fit using the M5 screw holes on the spindle mount.  Attach the laser using the provided 6-32 screws by placing the screw in the back of the mount and using the nut in the front.  Attach the laser first, then attach the assembly onto the spindle mount.  For the laser driver, use the screws in the laser driver with the nuts for the mount.

Here is the file in case you want to print it yourself!  OPEN SOURCE:


Laser Driver Holder STL


Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 2 x .5 in


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