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1.7W 445nm Laser Diode and 2.0 Amp Adjustable Driver Kit, OEM


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Product Description

This kit is a combination of the popular 1.7W 445nm Laser Diode Component and the 2.0 amp adjustable laser driver with the OEM power cord.  This does NOT include a power adapter.  You must provide a 12V power supply with at least 2 amps of available current to run.

This includes everything you need to get your laser up and running in your product or project.  Just add the power supply (12V recommended) with enough current and you are ready to go.  We now even cable the laser with a Mini Fit Jr. connector at 2.5 feet to make it even easier to hook everything up!  The kit includes:

Laser Specifications:

This multi transverse mode laser diode component is pressed fit mounted in an aluminum housing and has an aluminum mountable heat-sink.  The laser is set in the heat sink with thermally conductive paste.  The front of the component contains a adjustable glass focusing lens for the laser output.  The laser has an ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM of 1.7W and should only be run at this level for very short times.  Additional cooling techniques would be advisable if you want to run for extended periods at this high power.  1 amp at 1W will allow for longer “on” times and will not degradate the laser as quickly.  Thermal issues are the number one reason for catastrophic failure of the laser.  while the mounting case provides heat sinking capability for the laser diode, it is up to the consumer to make sure the laser is operating effectively within these limits.

Absolute Maximum Ratings:

Item Absolute Maximum Ratings Unit
Forward Current (Tc = 25°C) 1.7 A
Absolute max output optical power 1.7 W
Allowable Reverse Current (Tc = 25°C) 85 mA
Operating Case Temperature 50 °C

Electrical / Optical Characteristics

Item Min Typ. Max Unit
Typical Optical Output Power @1 amp 1 W
Typical Operating Current 1 1.7 A
Dominant Wavelength 435 455 nm
Threshold Current 80 220 mA
Operating Voltage 3.7 5.5 V
Focused Spot Size 6 8 Mil
Beam Divergence Full Anlge (1/e^2) // 5 14 25 deg.
Beam Divergence Full Anlge (1/e^2) – Perp 30 44 50 deg.

Dimensions and mounting hole locations:

J Tech Photonics Laser Diode Component and Mount dimensions

Driver Overview:

2.0 Amp Version

This version of the popular High Current Laser Driver offers up bigger regulators, bigger power adapter, more capacitance, more resistors, and more options for current limits.  It includes the OEM Power Connector with Cable 6′ 18AWG – Straight to easily connect to a DC power supply of choice.  There is a 3 volt drop across the regulators, so choose a power supply to be above your laser diode voltage plus at least three volts.

This kit does NOT come with an included power adapter.  Feel free to choose an associated power adapter from the accessories section of or from any other supplier.

This driver will provide 2.5 amps of constant regulated and protected current to the diode. Configurable current limits with jumpers for 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 amp settings and adjustable output with an analog trim pot. It also can be remotely controlled with an opto isolated input with a super huge range of acceptable voltages for turning your driver on and off. Does your equipment in your project or system that you want to interface with have backwards logic? No problem! There is a jumper for choosing inverted or non inverted logic as well! Perfect for integrating into any final product or project.


  • High power current source for driving Laser Diodes and Light Emitting Diodes.
  • Current Range of  2.0 Amps.
  • Current Ranges are adjustable in 500ma increments.
  • No need for extra cooling at maximum load. (depends on power adapter and compliance voltage.)
  • Soft start for diode protection.
  • Reverse diode and ESD protection.
  • Thermal Protection and Over Current Protection.
  • Compact Size.
  • CW Mode and Input Control Mode.
  • Digitally isolated control input.
  • Control from CW to 5KHz.
  • Configurable Input signal: Inverting /Non-Inverting.
  • Multiple connector options for both Laser/LED output and control input.
  • LED status lights for input laser enabled and laser on.
  • Optional fan for extra thermal stability.


Specification HCDBSA   2.0 AMP
Current   Source Range: 0 –   2.0 Amps
Current Limit Jumper Settings: 0.5,   1.0, 1.5, 2.0 Amps
Compliance Voltage w/7.5V adapter: 3.5   Volts
Compliance Voltage w/12V adapter: 8   volts
Current Resolution: 0.1%
Current Adjustment: Analog   Trim Pot
Current Range Accuracy Always   greater than limit, no more than 15%
Laser Diode Protection: Soft   Start, Reverse Voltage, Current Limit, Thermal Shutdown
AC Adapter Input Voltage: 100 –   240 VAC
Control Signal Digital Isolation Voltage: 4500   Vrms
Minimum Control Signal ”Turn On” Voltage: 2.8   Volts
Control Signal Maximum Voltage: 36   Volts
Control Signal Maximum Current: 50 ma
Control Signal Maximum Frequency: 5KHz
Connectors: Screw   Terminal and Molex Mini-Fit Jr™ Connectors
Operating Temperature: 0 to   40 °C
Storage Temperature: -40   to 70 °C
Dimensions: 2.85″   x 2.1″

Mounting and Board Outline Dimensions:

J Tech Photonics 1 – 2.5 amp Board Outline

Power Adapter Specifications:

  • Positive center
  • 2.1mm I.D. x 5.5mm O.D

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