J Tech Photonics partnered with one of the best 3D printer manufacturers to bring you the Felix 3.1 printer.  The FELIX 3.1 is the previous version of the  popular Felix brand 3D printers. It is in all ways superior to its predecessor which won the prestigious MAKE magazine surprise hit award of 2014.

Their easy to use and reliable printer brings the following benefits to your desktop:

Professional quality, enjoy accurate and detailed prints with high accuracy from 50 to 250 micron layer height.

Reliable performance, ensured by using professional grade components and robust construction.

Ready for the future, to adapt to the fast paced developments and innovations we offer small update packages for our hardware and software. So you can benefit from the latest state of technology in a cost effective way.

Versatile, get maximum design freedom with our large build volume (255x205x225mm) and optional dual head system. Print with all commonly available filaments from PLA, PETG to rubber and wood filled filaments.

Service, enjoy top notch service from our team of experts and our large and fast growing user community.

This is the DIY kit version of the printer. For people who like to assemble a printer themselves or like to save costs this is an excellent option. Next to the financial benefits it is also a fun learning experience. It takes about one working day to assemble a printer and make your first print. They provide a clear and user friendly assembly manual which makes it easy to assemble the printer.

Usually arrives within 5 business days.

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Professional 3D prints

  • Print your ideas in accurate detail at layer heights between 50 to 250 micron with a nozzle diameter of 0.35mm.
  • Industrial grade linear profile guide bearings ensure long lasting optimal print performance. These high precision bearings bring superior stiffness of construction, zero play and low friction.
  • Use your printer stand alone with a microSD card and eliminate the need for a PC to be continuously connected to your printer. This gives you more freedom and increased reliability.
  • HTD 3M timing belt pulley’s and stepper motors, give optimal torque transfer and minimize play and backlash of motion to an absolute minimum.

Reliable performance

  • A robust aluminum frame, built from lightweight anodized aluminum extrusion profiles. Enables fast and accurate printing.
  • A light weight aluminum sandwich heated print bed. The sandwich construction ensures optimal flatness of the print surface even after numerous of heating cycles. The aluminum keeps the moving bed low in weight and ensures optimal heat distribution. At 55 degree C (optimal for PLA printing) the whole print surface only varies within 1 degree C. This ensures optimal adhesion of the printobject to the printed surface during printing.
  • Kapton print surface. This enables optimal adhesion with the printed object when heated and easy removal when cooled down. Also by using a thicker than usual surface layer the durability is increased. When the surface is worn it is just a sticker which can be easily replaced.
  • CE safety. The printer is build according to the following directives: Machine directive 2006/42/EG, EMC-directive 2004/108/EG, RoHS-directive 2011/65/EU to obtain a CE mark for it.
  • Engineering grade (POM and glass filled Nylon) injection molded construction parts are used. To ensure reliable operation under high stress and demanding temperatures.
  • Easy calibration of the printer. After hours and hours of printing, some maintenance and re-calibration might be needed. We made this process as easy as possible.


  • Open design. Easy access and maintain your printer with ease. With the modular frame you can easily add upgrades or customizations. People from our active community enjoy this.
  • Partially open source. Because they like to offer you independence, their strategy is to offer open source software and firmware, but a closed source hardware development. This way you can benefit from the knowledge of a large user base put into the software development and the dedication to deliver in time from a professional company.
  • Modular design. The printer is build up in a modular way, this makes updating the printer per module a breeze. For the DIY kit version this enables very quick and easy assembly (build time between 6 to 12 hours). Link naar timelapse assembly diy kit.


  • Large build volume of 255x205x225 mm. Benefit from printing a large range of objects, from the size of a button up to the size of a large shoebox.
  • Optional dual head system. Gives the benefit of using (water) soluble support to create the most complex prints. Also multi-material and multi-color prints can be made.
  • Print with 11 different materials. From standard PLA and PETG to rubber and wood filled filaments. Many more to come. As long as the material melts below 275degC and comes in 1.75mm filament it can be printed.
  • Handle, makes the printer easily and safely transportable.


  • DIY kit. For the thinkerers amoung you, they offer a do it yourself kit version of our printer. Besides the benefit of a fun and great learning experience, you can save moneyit also saves you a significant amount of money.
  • Large user base and community. Share your thoughts and ideas with fellow FELIXprinter owners.
  • 1 year limited warranty on hardware.
  • Professional customer support at your service.

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Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 13 in


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