FELIX 3 – Hot-End Nozzle (0.5 Mm)


Note: this 0.5 mm nozzle works only with the FELIX 1.0 to FELIX 3.1

The FELIX 0.5 mm nozzle is very useful when printing with special filaments or to improve print speed. The 0.5 mm nozzle for FELIX has a bigger extruder hole than the standard 0.35 mm nozzle, allowing more room for specific adjustments and a bigger flow of filament. The 0.5 mm nozzle is the perfect solution to improve print speeds with relatively little loss in detail.

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The bigger extruder hole of the 0.5 mm nozzle has various advantages when printing with specific print settings or when printing with certain filaments. Especially for special filaments the 0.5 mm nozzle shows real advantage. Special filaments include: laywood, laybrick, BronzeFill, Flex, Wood or Stainless Steel PLA.

The 0.5 mm nozzle is made out of brass to ensure constant and reliable performances.

Software adjustments
In both Repetier Host and FELIXbuilder the diameter of the nozzle can easily be adjusted. In the instruction manual the steps of changing to a 0.5 mm nozzle are explained. Click here to download the software adjustment manual.

Recommended print settings
Click on Features (below) to read more about the recommended print settings for a selection of special filaments.

Faster printing and stronger objects

Due to the larger extruder hole, it is possible to increase print speed and to print with thicker layers. This results in reduced printing time and less layers within an object. Working with the 0.5 mm nozzle can also improve the stiffness of the object due to thicker strings of material within the object.

Performance with common and special filaments

Especially with filaments that require specific settings the 0.5 mm nozzle offers great possibilities. The bigger extruder hole enables the user to tweak more with the print settings than with the standard nozzle.

Printing with Wood

Wood is a difficult material to print with because it is a combination of plastics and wood fibers. The combination of ingredients may cause irregularities during printing. The 0.5 mm nozzle is a great help in this situation because it allows for a thicker flow of filament during printing. This results in a more stable flow of filament.

Recommended print settings

Temperature hot-end: 190C

Temperature print bed:  55C

Filament flow: 120%

Print speed: 100%

Retraction distance: 2 mm

Aditional: we recommend to use a 3D Adhesive Spray to prevent warping and to make sure the object will stick to the print bed. (Spray is not sold by FELIXprinters because of transportation regulations)

Printing with Flex

Due to its flexibility, Flex is a difficult material to work with. When extruding Flex with too much force the material can get stuck within the extruder. The 0.5 mm nozzle allows a bigger stream of filament, resulting in a lower chance of failure when printing.

Recommended print settings

Temperature hot-end: 195C

Temperature print bed: 45C

Filament flow: 140%

Print speed: 75%

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