J Tech ACRO Laser Machine DIY


Fast , Accurate, Dedicated

The J Tech ACRO laser machine is an inexpensive way to have a dedicated machine with all of the features of the GRBL laser controller.  We have made an easy all-in-one machine bundle including rail, controller and laser kit.  It is easy to put together in just a few hours.

Choose your options:
-Laser Power
-Machine Size
-Power Cord Type

Machine redesign in progress.  Look for the new ACRO machine in early 2021.  

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Machine redesign in progress.  Look for the new ACRO machine in early 2021.  

New Machine Updates:

  • New Self Squaring rigid design
  • Linear Rail Z Stage for more accuracy
  • Improved Cable Chains
  • Improved Limit Switches
  • Easier to Assemble and Use – designed with ease of assembly and use in mind

Build Your Own Laser Machine

J Tech ACRO Complete Machine

  1. Choose your machine size:
  • 20 x 20 (14″ x 12″ work area)
  • 40 x 20 (34″ x 12″ work area)
  • 40 x 40 (34″ x 32″ work area)

2. Choose Your Options for Your Electronics and Laser from J Tech Photonics

  • 2.8W Laser
  • 4.2W Laser
  • 7W Laser

(Option available to purchase just the rail kit in case you already own a J Tech Laser.  Works with all J Tech magnetic lasers.)

Comes complete with our Awesome Z Stage and Shrouded Laser Option

Complete Kit Includes:

Our High Resolution Lens comes standard on the 4.2W and 7W Laser

Electronic Mounting Plate comes with most of the electronics already assembled.  Easily attach and complete the assembly on your  rail system of your choice.


Electronics Bundle Mounted on 20mm x 20mm Rail System.  


  Laser and Z stage Make The ULTIMATE Laser Machine.


Z Stage with Shrouded 7W Laser

Our shroud window is made from the same material as our 250nm to 520nm OD 3+ Laser Shielding


Machine Frame Build Instruction Video

Electronics Assembly Instruction Video


*The J Tech Photonics ACRO machine is based off of the OpenBuilds ACRO laser rail system found here:  OpenBuilds ACRO System


Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 4 in
Acro Machine Size

20 x 20 inch, 40 x 20 inch, 40 x 40 inch

Laser Option

No Laser, 2.8W Laser Kit, 4.2W Laser Kit, 7W Laser Kit

Power Cord



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