LaserSuckit™ Custom Dust Boot Cover


We have combined the Suckit Dust Boot (purchases separately) and a piece of our laser shielding to make the:


You can turn your X Carve into a safer machine with a laser shield and removal of smoke and debris!

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The guys over at have made a really neat add on to the X Carve by adding a dust boot.  We thought this was a good opportunity to look at making the laser work with it as well.  You can add some safety to your laser installation as well as add some some vacuum ability as well to remove smoke as well.

Check out the post here on the full details of using the Laser Suckit™.

*Note*:  This is just for the laser shielding piece of the suckit dust boot.  You need to purchase the Suckit Dust Boot from

You can cut your own out of a laser shielding piece which will be cheaper.  The extra price is for the time it takes to cut it on our machine.

Installation:  Take the screws off the suckit plastic router guard.  Replace this with the Laser suckit shielding piece.


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Note that you will have to drill a hole for the laser if you want to use the bottom mounting scheme.

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Dimensions 7 × 3 × .25 in


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