PicLaser Lite Product Photo Porsche -800
Laser Engraving J Tech 1 2 3 -800Laser Engraved Einstien on metalLaser Engraved Lambo on MirrorLaser Engraved MonroeLaser Engraved MustangPicLaserLite3DPrinterSupport800Laser Engraving SW PicLaser LitePicLaser Lite Product Photo Porsche -800

PicLaser Lite Photo Engraving SW License


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**Releasing the new PicLaser software within 24 hours.

We will be updating the website to show the new PicLaser product on 11/6/2015

Engrave Photos with your Laser Upgrade Kit!

We have teamed up with the folks over at to add support for our upgrade kits in their photo engraving software.  With the software you can create awesome engraved images on your CNC machine or your 3D printer!  Take a standard .BMP image, load it into the software and generate the G Code file to make it come alive on wood, mirrors, and other materials.

Exclusive 3D Printer Support Version only sold HERE!

If you are upgrading your 3D printer for photo engraving, then this is the software you need.  You can only get it from us and not at  Our version has been done special to work with our 3D printer upgrade kits and can be found nowhere else.

Engrave with your 3D printer or CNC!

If your printer or CNC set-up has PWM control, then you can use this software!  The software takes each pixel value and turns it into a power level for the laser.  When running, the laser will change its power level on the fly to give the correct power level to match the pixel value.  This will turn the image into a perfectly engraved 256 level greyscale reproduction in your favorite material!

Laser Engraving J Tech 1 2 3 -800

Engrave on wood:

Laser Engraved Monroe Laser Engraved Mustang


Glass Mirrors:

Laser Engraved Lotus on Mirror

Painted Metals:
Laser Engraved Einstien on metal

(photos courtesy John Champlain and Jeff Woodcock)

PicLaser Lite Features:

  • J Tech Photonics 3d Printer Laser Support
  • Engrave Horizontal – Vertical – 45° Left
  • Customize Gcode with Pre-codes and Post-codes
  • Engrave Image Edges
  • Imperial or Metric
  • Change Axis Assignment Letters
  • Save and Reload All Program Settings
  • Embed File Settings in Gcode for Future Reference
  • Adjustable Pixel Resolution
  • Spindle On/Off Gcode Insertion
  • Analog, TTL, and PWM Modes
  • Supports Laser Diode Engraving

Please note: PicLaser Lite J Tech Version only loads and processes BMP images, either 8 bit grayscale or 24 bit color.

Download Demo

Program Name Program version File Name
PicLaser Lite 1.1.0
PicLaser Lite 1.1.0 PLLJTsetup.exe

The unlicensed demo version will show watermarks on displayed images and will limit the Gcode generated.

Please do not purchase any of our programs until you have tested the demo version and you are sure it works with your version of MS Windows and your cnc operating system.

No refunds will be made after the registration code has been emailed to you.

Following purchase completion, a registration code will be sent to your email address included with your payment information that will unlock the demo and remove the restrictions from the program.


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