Suckit™ Dust Boot X Carve Bottom Mounting Kit


Have your laser work with the Suckit Dust Boot!  The folks over at have made a great addition to the X Carve.  We were asked by customers to make addtional mounts that would work with the laser and the boot.  You can check out the post here.  These are the two additional mounts you can use with the boot and our lasers.

Just Bottom Mount:  Just the plastic bottom mount.
Bottom Mount Kit: The plastic bottom mount and everything in the X Carve Mounting kit.

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The guys over at have made a really neat add on to the X Carve by adding a dust boot.  We thought this was a good opportunity to look at making the laser work with it as well.  You can add some safety to your laser installation as well as add some some vacuum ability as well to remove smoke as well.

Check out the post here on the full details of using the Laser Suckit™.

*Note*:  This is just for the plastic laser mount (or full kit) to work with the Suckit.  You need to purchase the Suckit Dust Boot from  You can also purchase the laser shielding piece here.

Suckit Bottom Mounting Kit

The full kit includes the side mount and everything in the original X Carve Mounting kit.

1. Printed Laser Mount for the Dewalt spindle holder.
2. Printed Quick Connect Driver Mount for the laser driver.
3.  Power Extender Cord
4.  Zip Ties
5.  Mounting Screws
6. Molex mini fit Jr cable 11′

You can 3D print these mounts yourself as well.  We only offer them here for people who do not have a 3D printer or don’t want to print it themselves.  DOWNLOAD STL MOUNT HERE

The original mount that comes with the X Carve mounting kit will work in the position without the router.  These are mounts to work either under the router or beside the router with the dust boot attached.

Laser Under the Router

Using this method, you can take advantage of the laser shielding on the dust boot and the vacuum system as well.  You need to push up the router and install four screws for the mount when you want to switch between router and laser.  It takes under 5 minutes for use to get it all set up between routing and laser engraving.

Here is the bottom mount:


It comes with the plastic mount, four M4 screws for mounting to the spindle holder, and mounting screws for the laser and fan.

03 6 drill out dust boot

Notice that we drilled a hole in our laser shielding cover for the laser to go through.

We also have the laser shielding piece available for sale here:

Buy the LaserSuckit™ Cover Plate

Laser Suckit Shield Highlight 800

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Just Bottom Mount, Bottom Mount Kit


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