Suckit™ Dust Boot X Carve Side Mounting Kit


Have your laser work with the Suckit Dust Boot!  The folks over at have made a great addition to the X Carve.  We were asked by customers to make additional mounts that would work with the laser and the boot.  You can check out the post here.  These are the two additional mounts you can use with the boot and our lasers.

This SIDE mount will go on the side of the Dewalt 611 spindle holder.  It does not require removing when routing.

Just Side Mount = Just the plastic side mount.
Side Mount X Carve Kit = The plastic side mount and everything in the X Carve Mounting kit.

***If you purchased the magnetic laser shroud version of your laser, then select the “Magnetic quick connect” option in the laser mount option drop down.


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The guys over at have made a really great add on to the X Carve by adding a dust boot.  We thought this was a good opportunity to look at making the laser work with it as well.  You can add some safety to your laser installation as well as add some some vacuum ability as well to remove smoke as well.

Check out the post here on the full details of using the Laser Suckit™.

*Note*:  This is just for the plastic laser mount to work with the Suckit.  You need to purchase the Suckit Dust Boot from

Laser Upgrade Your X Carve!

The kit works with all old and new X Carve machines.  It also works with machines with the new Z Axis slider upgrade.  We no longer mount the laser on the top of the Z gantry and instead mount it on top of the X Controller and run the cables to the gantry.

Installation Instructions:  CLICK HERE

 Suckit Side Mounting Kit – Standard Screw Version

The full kit includes the side mount and everything else in the original X Carve Mounting kit.  Purchase this if you bought the magnetic laser shroud version.

  1. Laser Mount: To put in the spindle holder for the laser to connect with screws.
  2. Laser Mount Screws/Nuts: To mount the laser on the laser mount.
  3. Laser Spindle Mount Screws/Nuts: Longer M4 Screws to be able to place the laser mount in the spindle holder.
  4. Zip Ties: To clean everything up for cabling.
  5. Zip Tie Holder: To place on the Z axis gantry to hold the laser cable in place.
  6. Molex Mini Fit Cable:  Input control cable for the laser driver.
  7. Laser and Fan Extension Cables:  10 ft extension cables.


Screw Connect Kit Contents

Laser is Mounted Beside the Router

This mount can be left on the machine at all times.  You still have to push up the router and take the bit out of the chuck if you want to focus the laser at 1.5″, but you don’t need to take off the laser to use the router when you are done.  Just leave the mount and laser on the machine.

Here is the side mount:


It comes with the plastic mount, two M4 screws to mount to the spindle holder, and screws to mount the laser.


Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 1 in
Mount Options

Just Side Mount, Side Mount X Carve Kit


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