X Carve with Inventables Dust Boot Mounting Kit


Mounting Kit for the X Carve machine with the Inventables Dust Boot.  The kit works with specifically with the dust boot from Inventables by putting the laser to the side.  Works with the upgrade instructions on our site.

The kit includes:

1.  Printed Laser Mount for the Dewalt spindle holder.
2. Printed Quick Connect Driver Mount for the laser driver.
3.  Power Extender Cord
4.  Zip Ties
5.  Mounting Screws
6. Molex mini fit Jr cable 11′

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The kit works with all old and new X Carve machines.  For the new X Carves, the input Molex cable has been extended to be able to go all the way back to the X Controller.  For old machines, you will need to cut this cable to size.

The X Carve Mounting Kit contains:

  1. Power Extension Cord: For extending the power to mount the driver on the Z axis Gantry.
  2. Laser Mount: To put in the spindle holder for the laser.
  3. Laser Mount Screws/Nuts: To mount the laser on the laser mount.
  4. Laser Spindle Mount Screws/Nuts: Longer M4 Screws to be able to place the laser mount in the spindle holder.
  5. Laser Driver Mount Bottom: Bottom piece for mounting the driver on the Z axis Gantry.
  6. Laser Driver Mount Top: Top piece for the quick release laser driver mount.
  7. Laser Driver Mount Screws/Nuts: Screws to attach the top and bottom laser driver mount pieces together.
  8. Zip Ties: To clean everything up for cabling.
  9. Zip Tie Holder: To place on the Z axis gantry to hold the laser cable in place.
  10.  Molex Mini Fit Cable:  Input control cable for the laser driver.

J Tech Laser with Inventables dust boot on x carve -sq sm


Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 4 x 1 in

Full Mounting Kit, Just the Plastic Mount


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