Learn About J Tech Photonics Inc.

J Tech Photonics, Inc. is a privately held company based in Houston, Texas.  We strive to develop the most advanced laser solutions to meet our customers demanding needs at an exceptional value.  Our team is made of dedicated professionals with years of experience in the development of products for high end industrial manufacturing.

Our Mission:

J Tech Photonics, Inc. designs and develops high power diode lasers solutions for research, industrial, and enthusiast applications.  J Tech Photonics, Inc. succeeds through the use leveraged resources, standard architectures, open source technology, and the development of intellectual property to create products for the marketplace that are feature rich and have an excellent value proposition for the customer.  We strive to make products that are suited for industry and research, but are also cost effective and easy to use for enthusiasts to enjoy.

Our Team

Jay – Chief Laser Guy

Jay holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of California, San Diego in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Photonics, as well as 10 patents in areas of laser materials processing, pulse shaping, acoustic optic devices, and embedded systems.  Jay has held numerous positions in research and industry over his 27-year career, including the with the laser equipment manufacturing company ESI where he led the company in system engineering and executive management.  As the founder and President of J Tech Photonics, he has developed a line of laser upgrade products to combine the benefits of routing and laser cutting/engraving on existing CNC machines and 3D printers that are easy to install, use, and maintain.  With over 25,000 customers all over the world and partnerships with top companies and organizations in the business, J Tech Photonics continues to lead this exciting new field of laser technology.

Jennifer – Director of Getting Stuff Done

Jennifer does what needs to get done.  She takes care of all the books and makes sure we are running smoothly.  She effortlessly packs boxes when we are overwhelmed.  Soldering?  Yes.  Making Goggles? Yes.  Inventory management?  Of course!

Jen – Office Manager Extraordinaire

Jen is a super organized, cheerful, awesome office/shipping manager keeping our packages flowing out the door with ease and a happy smile.  She also will be the first voice you probably hear on the phone answering all of your questions when you need the answers.   Jen loves giving back to the community and hopes everyone can help out as well!

Patrick – Head Electronics Assembler

Patrick comes from the US military where he did more things for our country in his 9 deployments than I can imagine.  He has seen the world and now is happy putting lasers together and making sure everything is built with pride in the USA.

Paul – Electronics Assembler

Paul works hard getting orders put together from cables to mounts and everything in between.

Shane – Pro Series Project Lead / Customer Service

Shane is in charge of getting the Pro Series machine project up and running to the best standards in the business.  He will also be answering your questions when you need those answers.

Wayne – System Technician

Wayne brings years of CNC experience to the team and can still solder pretty good as well.  He has done a bit of everything (including building a church in a Pacific Island) and lived everywhere, so it will be cool to see all of the things he can do at J Tech!  Oh, and he speaks fluent Mandarin…  so yeah, that’s a plus.

Nathan – Mechanical Designer

Nathan is in his engineering program at University of Houston and has been here for five years doing whatever needs to be done.  Software, electronics, mechanical design, no problem!

Tyler – Engineering Intern

Tyler is a student at University of Houston.  Super efficient at fusion 360 design and can put together a mean laser cable.

Charlie – Chief Motivational Dog

Charlie the standard poodle likes to help where he can.  Mostly it is just laying around looking cute though.

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