Vectric Laser Module Post Processors

We have been a partner with Vectric on development of the new laser module for a couple of years now and we are happy to say they have released the new version. This new module will allow several new features in Vectric products to make it more compatible with our laser upgrade kits. In the past, we have been using Vectric with our lasers and post processors, but it has never been fully integrated.

There are three main new features in the laser module.

  1. Ability to add “laser tools” to the tool database.
  2. Addition of the “Laser Cut & FIll” Toolpath
  3. Addition of the “Laser Picture” Toolpath

We will cover these in detail, but it is noted that not all machines will be able to do the “Laser Picture” toolpath. You will need to have power control on your machine for this to be able to work. Machines that have GRBL controller (X Carve, Shapeoko3, Millright, ACRO, Openbuilds, etc.) will have the ability to do picture engraving. Others that do not have power control (Axiom, Mach3, Mach4, Laguna, Shopsabre, Camaster, etc.) will not be able to use the Laser Picture toolpath in the laser module. These machine will however be able to use the “laser tools” in the database and also the “Laser Cut & Fill” toolpath.

The GRBL_mm and the GRBL_inch post processors included in 10.5 versions of Aspire, V Carve, and Cut2D will work with GRBL machines with version 1.1f or higher firmware. We will present the new post processors here.

*Note* these are BETA post processors. Please contact [email protected] to report problems.

*Right click “save link as” versus clicking the link *

GRBL 1.1 – No Z Dynamic Laser Mode (X Carve, Shapeoko3, etc)

Mach4Vector Laser Mode No Z

3D Printer (Using Fan Control M106/M107) with ARCS

ShopBot (Using OP5 Connection)


Onefinity No Z Option

Onefinity Elite (MASSO)

Mach3 – Standard M3

Mach3M10P1/M11P1 Direct Output


WinCNC (Shopsabre, Camaster)

NextWave Shark CNC HD



Centroid Acorn

How to Set up the Post Processor

Put the post processor file in the directory:  C:\ProgramData\Vectric\VCarve Pro\VXXX\PostP
You need to click on your c:\ drive and on the “view” tab you need to click on “hidden items” to view the program data folder.  Then click on Vectric and your product folder to browse down to the PostP folder.

Post processor Location

If you have the newer versions of Vectric, then you can install the post processor from inside the tool itself.

Setting up Your Laser Tool in the Database

Here is an example of the laser tool in the database

Laser Tool 7W PRO Database example
Dual Pro 14W Tool Database Example
24W Quad PRO Database Example

44W OCTO PRO Database Example

The new laser toolpaths are in the toolpath tab.

Laser cut and fill and laser picture toolpaths

Here is a video on how to do a carve and laser project.

How do I select my post processor? It is not in the list.

If you don’t see the post processor listed when you calculate your toolpath, then you might need to save it separately.

  1. Highlight the toolpath and then click on the “Save toolpath” icon.

2. Your post processors will show up on the list. Click on the laser module post processor you need.

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