High Power Diode Lasers

Currently we are offering three diode lasers in the 445nm wavelength and one in the 405nm wavelength.  All of these diode lasers pack a pretty big punch in a small package.  They engrave and cut many materials and are detailed in our applications page.

Each one of these diodes are pressed fit mounted in an aluminum housing and has an aluminum mountable heat-sink.  The laser is set in the heat sink with thermally conductive paste for better heat distribution.  The front of the component contains a adjustable glass focusing lens for the laser output which is our High Efficiency Lens in a brass holder.

The three 445nm versions we offer are:

The 405nm laser we offer is:

Typical Output Power at MFG Recommended Settings

The current setting to keep your laser lasting the full lifetime is listed in the following table along with the expected output power of the laser.

LaserMFG Current Setting (amps)Typical Output Power (W)
1 W 405nm0.61W
2W 44nm11.2 - 1.4
2.8W 445nm1.52.2 - 2.4
3.8W 445nm2.53.8 - 4.1

Maximum Output Power

This is the maximum expected output power of the laser at full current levels.  Running at this level will reduce the lifetime of the laser and should only be done with this understanding.   In some cases, this number will also be the same as the recomended.  In those cases, there will be no loss of lifetime on the laser (example is the 3.8W laser and the 1W laser).

LaserMax Current Setting (amps)Max Output Power (W)
1 W 405nm.61W
2W 44nm1.72W - 2.5W
2.8W 445nm2.52.8W - 3.4W
3.8W 445nm2.53.8 - 4.1

Spot Size

The lasers will all have a slightly different spot size at focus.  The smallest is the 405nm laser.  It can make microscopic engravings and super fine details.  The largest is the 3.8W laser, which can still engrave well, but will not have the detail that the other lasers will.  Typical spot size for the laser will be:

  • 1W 405nm     : 4 MIL = 0.004″ = 0.1 mm = 100 micron
  • 2W 445nm     : 8 MIL = 0.008″ = 0.2 mm = 200 micron
  • 2.8W 445nm  : 9 MIL = 0.009″ = 0.23 mm = 230 micron
  • 3.8W 445nm : 15 MIL = 0.015″ = 0.38 mm = 380 micron
Typical Focused Spot Size (inch)
Minimum Focused Spot Size (inch)
1 W 405nm
2W 44nm
2.8W 445nm
3.8W 445nm


All laser diode components are press fit into copper 12mm housings and come mounted in a custom aluminum heat sink fitted with thermal paste for heat dissipation.  The design allows for easy mounting on CNC machine spindle heads or in front of 3D print heads or on their own in a machine.  The diagrams of the heat sink and mounting are found below:

Laser Diode Component Dimensions

Laser Diode Component Dimensions Mounting

 Laser Kit Comparison Chart

 Highlight FDA Laser Kit 800Highlight FDA Laser Kit 800Highlight FDA Laser Kit 800Highlight FDA Laser Kit 800
Laser Kit
1W 405nm Laser Kit

2W 445nm Laser Kit
2.8W 445nm Laser Kit
3.8W 445nm Laser Kit
Price$259.99 - $269.99$239.99 - $249.99$334.99 - $344.99$474.99
Max Output power (W)

Typical Output power (W)
Typical Focused Spot Size (inch)
Minimum Focused Spot Size (inch)
MFG Recommended Current (amps)
Max Laser Current (amps)

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