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Here you will find all of the documentation you need including user manuals, dimensional drawings, and 3D models.

Instruction Manuals

3.8W Safety Compliant Laser and Driver Kit:

2.8W Safety Compliant Laser and Driver Kit:

2W Safety Compliant Laser and Driver Kit:

1W 405nm Safety Compliant Laser and Driver Kit:

Pic-Convert™ (DAC+PWM) Board

3D Model Files and Dimensions

Laser and Heatsink

Driver Board

Pic-Convert™ (DAC+PWM) Board

Laser Fan Upgrade Mount

Inkscape Laser Tool Plug-in

The folks over at Inkscape have developed a very good vector editing software program that also allows for extensions.  We have updated and modified the original laser engraver plug-in to allow for multiple versions of on and off commands for different printers and CNC machines and adapted the multiple pass version from Adam Polak.  To download Inkscape, visit their webpage here: . We have fixed all issues with the plugin working with the newest version thanks to the folks at!

Click here to download the new plugin:   DOWNLOAD

This plug-in will convert a path object in inkscape into a G Code file for use in your laser upgraded machine.  Put the contents of this .zip folder into the “inkscape\share\extensions” folder.  Once it is there it will show up under the “extensions” tab in inkscape.


The new plug-in allows for multiple commands for laser on and off for all the different versions of printers as well as the ability for multiple passes for cutting.  Here is a description of the features of the plug-in.

J Tech Laser Tool

  • Laser ON Command:  The command for turning ON the laser.  For example, M03 or M106.
  • Laser OFF Command: The command for turning OFF the laser.  For example, M05 or M107.
  • Travel Speed:  The speed of the machine when the laser is OFF in mm/min.
  • Laser Speed:  The speed of the machine when the laser is ON in mm/min.
  • Laser Power: If you have PWM control, then you can adjust this.  It will add a S”xxx” to the command where xxx is a number between 0 and 255.  If you don’t have PWM, keep at 100%.
  • Power On Delay:  This will turn on the laser and wait to move until the delay is complete.  It is used to heat up the material and initiate the burning process.  Delay in ms.
  • Passes:  If cutting, this will repeat the entire path by the number of passes.  If engraving leave as 1.
  • Pass Depth:  This will move Z axis down by this amount for each pass.  For example, 3mm piece of material with 3 passes might use 1mm per pass to cut all the way through.
  • Directory:  The directory to store the file.
  • Filename:  Name of the file.
  • Add numeric suffix to filename:  Adds a number to the name in case there already is a file with the same name in the directory.
  • Live preview:  Shows the path being generated.
  • Apply:  Click to run the converter.

Using the Plug-in

We have made some instructions on how to use Inkscape for engraving text and other objects and using the plug-in to generate the G Code.  We have also shown how to import images to make outlines of them to engrave.

Click for Inkscape Tutorial

Check out the tutorials and check back to see if we added more!


Past Product Information-  High Current Driver Boards – 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 amp versions:

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