J Tech PRO Series Laser Machine DIY Assistance

We have been selling a stand alone laser machine for years now, and this is the third iteration of it.  We are now introducing the PRO Series laser machine.  Some of the new additions include:

  • Linear rail Z stage for more accuracy.
  • TMC 2208 stepper drivers for efficient and quiet operation.
  • Self squaring corners to keep the machine in square.
  • Remote E Stop and pause and resume operation at the front of the machine.
  • New and improved limit switch design.
  • New and improved cable chain design.
  • Pre-assembled parts for easy machine assembly.

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Assembly Instructions

The assembly instructions come in two parts, the mechanical assembly and the LightBurn software setup.  It will get you through the entire machine build to your first project with the machine.  

Mechanical Instructions

Follow the video instructions here for the mechanical assembly of the J Tech PRO Series laser machine.  

Software Instructions

While you can use various software packages for the laser machine, we recommend using Lightburn.  You can see the video on how to set up and configure the software below.  It runs you through the entire setup and completing your first project. 

We are working on the “step by step” instructions now.  If you need any assistance in setting up the machine, please contact us for help.

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