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NEW Releases

44W OCTO PRO Laser

Announcing the release of the 44W OCTO PRO laser! The Highest Power Laser Upgrade for CNC in the WORLD! Check out the details, YouTube Video, and then get your All In One Bundle for your CNC Machine!

7W+ Laser Engraver

The All New 7W+ laser for engraving. This laser uses all of the same mounts and cables as the 24W and 44W to add detailed engraving to your projects. Check out the details and get your All in One Bundle.

All instructions for upgrading machines are all done at the buyers or viewers own risk.  Lasers are inherently dangerous and all safety measures are the responsibility of the buyer or viewer.  While we provide some safety features on our laser kits, it is not a complete laser machine, so all additional features are up to you when you build your machine including interlocks, fume extraction, and fire prevention.  Not all companies or machines mentioned in this webpage are associated with J Tech Photonics Inc.

Instructions for Upgrading Popular 3D Printer and CNC Brands:

Featured Projects Created with J Tech Lasers

Providing the BEST Customer Service for over 11 years!

Thank you again for going above and beyond for what has been the best customer service I’ve ever had :)

Aaro Kirss

Thanks again, Jay! I really appreciate that you’ve gone above and beyond what you had to do as a business owner. This is fabulous customer support!

Matt Gerbrandt

I just wanted to show my appreciation for excellent customer service. I sent an Email regarding a concern I had with my laser 4 days ago. A response to the Email was sent within an hour and a replacement part was dispatched that very same day. I received that part yesterday and of course had to fit it to make sure it fixed my problem. Sure enough I was up and running in no time. I was absolutely blown away with the great service you provided. Kudos to you and your team. Thank you for your help. I will be referring your company to everyone I know. Thank you once again.

Steve Lester

Photo Engrave with your Laser Upgrade Kit!

If your 3D printer or CNC support PWM for laser power control, then you can use it to engrave pictures on many materials!  30 Day free trial for Lightburn Software!