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J Tech Photonics, Inc. is a innovative startup based on disrupting current laser manufacturing technology by providing cheaper, high power, easy to use, and upgrade-able laser solutions to industry, research, and enthusiasts.  We started upgrading 3D printers and CNC machines 9 years ago with our new laser diode technology and are propelling industrial technology, continuing leading in the Maker movement, and defined a new market for small high power lasers.

We are a Small Company with BIG Dreams!

While we are small now, we are growing fast as we build towards our dream of a laser in every shop, lab, and company manufacturing facility.  If you love 3D printing, CNC machining, laser processing, and are hip to the new idea of small scale fast in house manufacturing (what we call “personal manufacturing”) then working here might be for you!  We offer a small atmosphere were you will be responsible for many aspects of running a business where you will learn and make a positive difference.

We are located in Kemah Texas, a community in south Houston.

Current Job Postings:

Other Positions

If you would like to be considered in the future, please send us your resume.  We are always looking for qualified people to join our team!

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