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Fast, Accurate, Dedicated – All New

The J Tech PRO Series laser machine is an inexpensive way to have a dedicated machine with all of the features of the GRBL laser controller.  We have made an easy all-in-one machine that is professional and can be put together in just a few hours.

As the trusted source in the laser community we are happy to present the new J Tech PRO series laser machine.  We feel this is the best engineered free standing laser machine on the market.  We took your suggestions and made improvements.

Choose Either Dual PRO 14W or 7W PRO Laser Option

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The New and Improved J Tech PRO Series Laser Machine is HERE!


Huge Work Area of 31.5″ x 31.5″



New Machine Updates:

Linear Rail Z Stage

Improved accuracy for incremental moves in cutting applications. No translational movement causing misalignment on multiple pass cutting projects.







TMC2208 Stepper Motor Drivers

The GRBL 1.1 Controller uses the newest stepper technology to have smooth and silent motion.






Self Squaring Corners

No need to square the machine by adjusting rails.  The new self squaring legs make the machine perfectly square every time.




Remote E Stop/Pause/Resume in the Front of the Machine

Easily stop the machine in an emergency or pause to leave for a minute.  The new Estop/pause/resume panel in the front of the machine makes it easy!







Improved Limit Switch Design

The new integrated limit switches add precision to the homing sequence.  Easily set up your machine to know exact position coordinates.






Improved Cable Chains

Cable management is a lot easier with opening cable chains.  All of the cables are labeled making it easier to put together.





Pre-Assembled Parts for Easy Assembly

We made this machine with assembly in mind.  It is a professional machine, but it doesn’t take two days to put together.  We have engineered it to be easy to assemble and operate.




Impressive Resolution and Repeatability

Resolution = 0.000386″
Repeatability = 0.001″

Engraving Pattern, Single Pass Engraving, Two Passes Engraving


Repeatability testing:  Pattern was engraved in back of the machine at 30″, 30″ traveling from 0″,0″.  Process was repeated a second time traveling from 0″,0″ to 30″, 30″.  Kerf offset of 0.001″ measured.

7W PRO at 80 inch/min 80% power on Birch Ply.





Three Options:

  • Dual PRO 14W High Res Len 40×40 Laser Machine
  • 7W PRO High Res Lens 40×40 Laser Machine
  • No Laser (just the rails) 40×40 Laser Machine

If you already have a J Tech Laser, it will work on the no laser option.

Setup Instructions:

Click Here For the BETA Instruction Video

Click Here for the Lightburn Setup Instructions


*The J Tech Photonics PRO Series machine is based off of the OpenBuilds ACRO laser rail system found here:  OpenBuilds ACRO System


Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 4 in
Machine Size

20 x 20 inch, 40 x 20 inch, 40 x 40 inch

Laser Option

No Laser, Dual PRO 14W, 7W PRO

Add Air Assist

Yes, No


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