LaserSuckitDustBoot Highlight 1024

LaserSuckit™ Dust Boot

The guys over at Suckit Dust Boot have made a very nice dust boot for the X Carve and are working on the Shapeoko3 and Shapeoko2.  We got our hands on one of the X Carve versions and decided it would make a great addition to our machine!   First thing we thought was if you […]

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Laser Etch Software Basics

  Here in the shop we use several software solutions for the purpose of engraving. Laser Etch is a very practical method for etching black and white designs, logos, or PCB’s. This is simply because the G-code that is generated by Laser Etch will either tell your machine to turn your laser on (to the […]

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J Tech Laser Drivers 5 Amps

5 Amp Dual Driver Setup

We have had a lot of questions on if our drivers can be put in parallel to allow more current.  The short answer is YES! The unique design of the J Tech driver is built around parallel linear regulators all sharing the output load.  Because of this, they can be paralleled with multiple boards as […]

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Laser Engraved Anodized Aluminum Tag - J Tech 2_8W laser Upgrade

Laser Engraving Anodized Aluminum

We get asked a lot whether the 2.8W laser upgrade kit can engrave anodized aluminum.  The answer is yes, for most materials.  We have tried many in house for the last two years that people have sent us and that we have bought and have not found one it doesn’t work on.  That being said, […]

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Laser Cut Star Open Cell Foam sm

Cutting Open Cell Foam

We occasionally get samples from customers to try out under the laser to see if it will work.  Today we tried out a European open cell foam product called Filtrocel.  It looks like standard foam used in cushions and specialty packing applications.  So we put it under the laser and here are the results! Results […]

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Laser_Cal 2

Focusing Your Laser 101

So you just bought a fancy new laser and now you are wondering how do I get the results that J Tech is getting when I know nothing about lasers?  The answer is that you need to always have the laser be at minimum focus to be able to perform cuts and engravings at their […]

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