Covid-19 Update – We are Still Open for Online Orders

These are definitely trying times that we are navigating right now. As of this post, our area is in a “stay at home” order for all non-essential businesses. However, we are currently are getting orders for medical equipment manufacturers to aid in the processing of non-woven fabric (polypropylene) for filtration pads in N95 respirators. Because of this, we are staying open for orders online, but we are expediting all orders for the use in making medical equipment as a first priority. We have reduced our inside manufacturing staff to just the essential people needed to facilitate getting the required products out the door for medical applications and all other orders that are placed. If you have an order that is specific to medical manufacturing to help with the Covid-19 emergency, then let us know so we can prioritize the order. We are currently still taking regular orders as well, but be patient with us as we are reduced in staff. We are trying to balance what is best for our staff, the local community, and to also continue to be an important supplier to the medical manufacturing community, and to you all.

The maker community is strong and we suggest helping out to aide in the manufacture of needed products as well. We currently are using our resources to print hands free door openers for local medical facilities. We have 3D model files available for two types of handles and also a keychain door opener in this post. People are also printing N95 respirators, and face shields for local medical facilities. We hope that this emergency will end as quickly as possible, but if you need anything from us we are still open and appreciate your support!

3D Printed Door Openers

Door handles can be one of the most easiest ways for viruses to transmit from one person to the next. Materialize and Slant 3D have provided STL files for some handy door openers.

Using our printer farm to crank out some door handles for local medical facilities.
Works better if you are wearing a long sleeve shirt, but still is better than hands.

Downloadable Files

Slant 3D Key Ring Door Opener STL file
Slant 3D Flat Elbow Door Opener STL
Materialize Hands Free Round Door Opener STL

Remember to be safe! Let us know if we can help in any way.

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