Laser Cutting 1/8″ ABS Plastic with 2.8W and 3.8W Laser Kits

ABS Plastic Laser Cutting Kits

These lasers really can do quite a lot of different materials.  We have tried cutting ABS before with good results, but we have never documented it in a video.  We got a request from a customer to show this with our lasers, so here it is!

The 3.8W laser is a bit faster and needs fewer passes, but the 2.8W laser still does a good job as well.

3.8W Laser:   8 passes @ 225mm/min
2.8W Laser:   12 passes @ 150mm/min

The cut is clean with a nice finish.

 ONLY CUT ABS with a FUME HOOD and VENTILATION.  It releases cyanide gasses…  not good.

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