Laser Safety Goggles OD 7+, 200-532nm

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Upgrade Your Goggles!


This style of goggles are designed to fit over normal glasses.

Just upgraded to OD7+ for the same price!

These goggles are an upgrade to our standard goggles.  They provide an incredible OD7+ reduction (10,000,000 times lower) to best protect the only set of eyes that you have!

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Protect your eyes!

You only have one pair, so use the best goggles you can.  We have been searching for goggles that give a better rating in terms of absorption of light for a good price.  These goggles provide an amazing OD 7+ level for under $100.  Other goggles on the market for this level of safety are over $200 or more!

OD 6+ means that it reduces the level of light by a factor of 10^7, or 10,000,000 times! In comparison, the goggles that come standard with our kits are OD 4+, or 10,000 times reduction in light.

This style of goggles are designed to fit over normal glasses.  

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