Onefinity CNC Magnet Mounting kit


New 2 part magnet mount for the Onefinity machine.   Use this if you already have a J Tech Laser and want to switch it to the Onefinity or if you have an older style one piece mount.  The new two piece mount allows you to leave part on the machine to easily change the laser off without needing to remove screws.

Available with cables or just the mount.  Choose between Woodworker or Journeyman for cable length.

Full kit includes:

-10′ laser and fan extension cables (Woodworker)
-15′ laser and fan extension cables (Journeyman)
-3′ input cable

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This is the mount to use for transferring your J Tech Laser to the Onefinity CNC machine.

7W laser mount is two pieces.
14W laser mount is two pieces.
24W laser mount is one piece.

Available as just the mount or a full mounting kit with cables.

7W Installation Instructions

  1. Place top mount with sliders on front of router mount with M5x15mm screws.  Note the orientation.  The two alignment screws on the bottom should be facing forward, magnets in the back.

2. Remove M4 screws from back of laser.  Just the two back screws.

3. Place the bottom part of the two part mount onto the back of the laser head using the two M4 20mm screws.  Note the orientation in the picture.  Have the magnets facing forward and the two holes on top.

4. Adjust the level based on your machine and desired level for the laser.  Focus is 1/8″ below the laser shroud.

Works with the New Dual Pro 14W Laser

You will need to purchase the laser combo from us if you purchase the mount.  You can get it here:

Get your Dual Pro 14W Laser Here

We will install it for you on the back of the laser.  You can also purchase the laser direct from Onefinity as well.

24W Laser Mount


Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 2 × .5 in
Mount Option

Full Kit Woodworker, Full Kit Journeyman, Just the Mount

Laser Power

7W PRO, 14W Dual PRO, 24W Quad PRO


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