Laser Engraving Anodized Aluminum

We get asked a lot whether the 2.8W laser upgrade kit can engrave anodized aluminum.  The answer is yes, for most materials.  We have tried many in house for the last two years that people have sent us and that we have bought and have not found one it doesn’t work on.  That being said, the process of anodization is different for different suppliers, so if you want to make sure you can send us a sample to test out in our lab.

Here is a video of using laser etch sw to make a logo on an aluminum tag at 4000mm/min:

So Many Uses!

You can use your laser to make tags for identification purposes.  You can engrave logos on your products.  You can engrave 2DID or QR codes on your products for tracking.  You can even make those really cool aluminum business cards to stand out!

It’s FAST, really FAST!

Yes, the 445nm laser reacts to the anodization really good, so you can engrave really fast.  We normally engrave at about 4000 mm/min.  It really depends on your machine setup.  On our older 3D printers we can only go up to about 1000mm/min because the backlash starts to show.  On our newer models we get really good results at 4000mm/min:


Laser Engraved Anodized Aluminum Tag - J Tech 2_8W laser Upgrade

Engrave Precise Logos on Your Products

You can use the normal vector based approach for an outline logo.  Depending on your machine you can do this slow or fast.  It works really good on the black background.

Anodized Aluminum Testing 445nm Laser Logo3


The amount of engraving doesn’t change with speed.  As you go faster, you can see you might be limited by your machine.  This test was done on our OLD makerbot thingomatic a while ago.  Our new machines are much better, but this shows how speed really doesn’t effect the amount of engraving level for the anodization.

Anodized Aluminum Testing 445nm Laser


It works on most materials.  We put our mini mag light under the laser just to see if it would work and yes it does!


Blue Anodized Aluminum 445nm laser kit quick test



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