The Building of MakerBot 5458

Over the past year we at J Tech Photonics have just loved having a 3D printer.  I helps out for rapid prototyping of products and allows our engineers to create quick custom designed solutions for our customers.  We have even upgraded it to be a Laser Cutter as well!  Over the last year the machine has produced numerous parts for projects and has made some pretty cool fun stuff as well (check out the pliers)!

We have had these pictures lying around for awhile now, so we decided to put them up as a new post to the blog.  So enjoy looking at the creation of the MakerBot 5458!

MakerBot 5458 – A Picture Odyssey

1 Lab Bench

The lab bench is set up and ready to go for assembly!

Parts ready for the building of MakerBot 5458

The parts are all laid out and ready to go!

3 MakerBot Heater Board

Assembling the heater board and cutting the roller for the automated motor on the build platform.

4 MakerBot Automated Build Platform

The finished automated build platform.

5 MakerBot Y Stage

Starting putting together the Y stage.  It is actually both the Y stage and the X stage, the X stage rides on the top rails.

6 MakerBot X and Y Stage

The finished X and Y stage showing the automated build platform riding on the top.

7 MakerBot Extruder Start

Starting to put together the stepper motor and the front plate of the extruder (MK6).

8 MakerBot Nozzle and Temp Sensor

Starting the nozzle with the heating element.

9 MakerBot Extruder Base

The base of the extruder put together.  There was some super glue involved, so in front of the fume extractor it goes!

10 MakerBot Thermocouple

Putting in the thermocouple for temperature monitoring.

11 MakerBot Final Extruder

Extruder MK6 completed with wrapped nozzle and kapton taped.

12 MakerBot Start of Body

Starting to put together the body with the laser cut wood pieces.

13 MakerBot Body

Getting the rod stops on and finishing the body assembly.  There are a lot of little screws to deal with…

14 MakerBot Putting it together

Putting the electronics on the bottom, X-Y-&Z stage in, and wiring the entire system.

15 MakerBot Printing Test Cube

All finished!  Now calibrating the system with a test cube making sure everything is aligned and can print a 10x10x10 cm cube.

16 MakerBot Printing Pliers

There are some pretty cool things you can print out including a working pair of pliers!

17 Updated MakerBot

Flash forward 8 months!

We have updated the MakerBot to be even better than the original.  Some additions include:

  • Aluminum Build platform with Kapton tape (makes a more uniform build surface that is nice and level).
  • Leveling screws (printed out screws on each corner of the platform so you can level them. This works out for the laser upgrade).
  • Added LASERS! (Everything is better with lasers.  Seriously, this addition added great capabilities.  Check it out in the Laser-Bot Page).
  • Printed and added the dual spool holder on the top. (Pretty neat to be able to print in multiple colors quickly).
  • Printed and added the spool guards. (This helps to keep the spools nice and tidy).
  • Printed and added the plastic filament guide on the top left.  (Sometimes the filament gets too small of an angle and the extruder motor can’t pull it).

18 MakerBot Laser Upgrade

The new Laser-Bot!  You can see the printed holder for the 445nm component laser in front of the extruder.  The custom cable for the laser control attaches on the two pins on the left of the heater board.

19 MakerBot Laser and Extruder

Close up of the laser and extruder together.  You can easily print and then use the laser without any tool changes!  For more details of the laser upgrade, go to the Laser-Bot page or:

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