4.2W 445nm Laser Diode Component


This is our new 4.2W laser that is in our 4.2W laser kits.  It can run at MFG specified 2.5amps at over 4.2W of power!  You can increase your cutting depth and decrease your engraving time by 2X!

This is sold as a separate component.



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Laser Overview

This laser is our newest compliment to our laser kits and can run at 2.5amps continuosly to produce over 4.2W of optical power!  This is compared to our 2.8W kit, which at the factory setting only produces 2W of optical power.  You will be able to cut and engrave at almost twice the speed!

The laser is mounted in an aluminum heat sink and has a 3′ cable with a molex mini fit connector on the end.  Lens included is the High Efficiency AR coated lens.  We recommend using a fan upgrade with this laser.

The Upgrade version includes a larger power adapter to support driving the laser and fan at full maximum power.
*Upgrade version compatible with 2.5amp laser drivers sold after April 2015.  Contact us if you have a driver before this date and want to upgrade.

 Absolute Maximum Ratings:

Item Absolute Maximum Ratings Unit
Forward Current (Tc = 25°C) 3 A
Absolute max output optical power >4 W
Allowable Reverse Current (Tc = 25°C) 85 mA
Operating Case Temperature 50 °C

Electrical / Optical Characteristics:

Item Min Typ. Max Unit
Optical Output Power @2.5 amps 4.2  4.5 W
Dominant Wavelength 435 455 nm
Threshold Current 80 220 mA
Operating Voltage 3.7 5.5 V
Focused Spot Size 0.011 0.014 Inches
Beam Divergence Full Angle (1/e^2) // 5 14 25 deg.
Beam Divergence Full Angle (1/e^2) – Perp 30 44 50 deg.

-Note: The beam is slightly rectangular. Focused size specification is for the long axis.
-Above specifications are for reference purposes only and are subject to change.  Figures in specifications may contain measurement errors.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in

Just Laser, Laser with new Adapter


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