Replacement Laser Fan


Keep Your Laser Cool!

This fan upgrade will work with all safety compliant driver kits.

It consists of:

40mm x 40 mm super quiet fan
Printed ABS plastic custom mount for laser heat sink
Cable to attach to Laser Driver
Mounting hardware

For proper mounting hardware, choose your laser and whether or not it is shrouded in the drop downs below.



Replacement Fan

All Laser Combo Kits come with this fan-  Order this if you somehow broke your existing fan.

When the laser is on, most of the current provided to it is converted into light energy but some is turned into heat due to the laser not being 100% efficient.  As it is on longer, the laser will heat up even more, becoming even less efficient, generating more heat.  This is a downward slope and unless you either actively cool the laser or turn it off to let it cool, and it will eventually destroy the laser.  If the laser gets too hot, the facets (mirrors) in the semiconductor die will expand, and when the laser turns off they will cool quickly causing them to crack.

This upgrade will allow for longer “ON” times for your laser and driver and protect it from thermal stress.  The laser driver fan will attach on top of the driver board and the laser fan will sit behind the laser.  The laser fan also acts as an “air assist” system to help remove smoke from the worksurface and keep it away from the contaminating the laser lens. This upgrade kit includes:

  • 40mm x 40 mm super quiet fan with JST connector to plug into driver board.
  • Printed ABS plastic custom mount for laser heat sink.
  • Mounting hardware.

If you would rather do this kit yourself, download the files here for printing:  LASER FAN UPGRADE FILES

Here is a graph of the 2W laser upgrade kit with a fan and without a fan.  Notice the big difference!  Similar results are expected with the 2.2W and 2.8W lasers.

Laser Time Testing - With Fan and Without


Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in
Laser Power

7W, 4.2W, 2.8W, 1.0W


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