Custom Cut Laser Shielding Service (per sheet)


Get your J Tech Laser Shielding piece custom laser cut for your project or enclosure!

Add this to your cart for each sheet you want to cut.  Send us your lightburn or DXF file for the cut.  If it is simple, then give us the dimensions and we will cut it for you.

Add to the cart for EACH sheet you would like custom cut.

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Add this to your cart to get custom cutting service to your laser shielding order.  If your needs are simple, like “please cut my 12″ x  12″ sheet to 10″ x 9”, then put it in the customer notes checkout or email [email protected] with your order number reference to tell us the instructions.  If your cut order is more complex, then send us a LightBurn file or a DXF file with the specific cut you want for the sheet.

If you have multiple sheets to cut, add multiple copies of the cutting service product to your cart.

Here is the maximum cut dimensions for each size sheet:

J Tech Shielding Max Cut Area

J Tech Shielding Max Cut Area

Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions .01 × .01 × .01 in


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