1W 405nm Laser Diode Component


This is our 405nm laser offering. The spot size is very small (0.003″ or 0.075mm), allowing for precision cuts and engravings or for use in SLS printing.  This product is just the laser and does not include a driver.  This laser will work with our Safety Compliant Drivers.  It comes standard with a 32″ cable with a Molex Mini Fit Jr. Connector and our High Efficiency Lens.


-Smallest spot size available
-Cut and engrave fine detail
-Great for SLS printer applications

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Smallest Spot Size for Extra SMALL engravings!

This is the smallest spot size laser we sell, so you can do the highest resolution engravings or cut with the smallest kerf width. It is a 405nm multi transverse mode laser with small line width, which means that the beam can be focused better than the other 445nm lasers.  The diode is also smaller, allowing for the small beam.

This laser diode component is pressed fit mounted in an aluminum housing and has an aluminum mountable heat-sink.  The laser is set in the heat sink with thermally conductive paste.  The front of the component contains a adjustable high efficiency glass focusing lens for the laser output.   We advise to run the laser at or under 0.6amps, providing about 900mW to 1W of power.  We ship it at 0.4 amps and 750mW of output power.  While the mounting case provides heat sinking capability for the laser diode, it is up to the consumer to make sure the laser is operating effectively within these limits.

Absolute Maximum Ratings:

Item Absolute Maximum Ratings Unit
Forward Current (Tc = 25°C) 600 mA
Absolute max output optical power 1 W
Allowable Reverse Current (Tc = 25°C) 85 mA
Operating Case Temperature 50 °C

Electrical / Optical Characteristics

Item Min Typ. Max Unit
Typical Optical Output Power @0.6 amp 0.9  1 W
Typical Operating Current 0.5 0.6 A
Dominant Wavelength 405  405 405 nm
Threshold Current 80 220 mA
Operating Voltage 4 6.6 V
Focused Spot Size 3 4 Mil
Beam Divergence Full Anlge (1/e^2) // 5 14 25 deg.
Beam Divergence Full Anlge (1/e^2) – Perp 30 44 50 deg.

Dimensions and mounting hole locations:

J Tech Photonics Laser Diode Component and Mount dimensions

Class 4 Laser Radiation Sticker 1W 405nm small

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in


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