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PicConvert Highlight 800PicConvert with Adapter Highlight 800Analog Pic-Convert Setup Instructions 1PicConvert Laser Engraving ExamplePWM Setup Instructions 1PicConvert Signals Highlight Board 2 -800DAC+PWM Analog Voltage LinearityDAC+PWM Duty Cycle LinearityPic-Convert Board Power

PicConvert™ (DAC+PWM) Converter Board


Engrave images with Mach3!  This board will convert the step and direction signals from mach3 into an output to control the laser driver for image engraving.

Please read the instructions before purchasing to make sure you understand how to set up and use this board.  We will offer support, but it is assumed that you understand the theory and operation of this device and can set it up yourself.


Product Description

We have been working with Jeff and John at to develop this solution for use with their picengrave software for laser image engraving.  This board uses the STEP and DIRECTION signals from a spare axis to output an analog or PWM signal to a laser driver for laser power control.  This allows software controlled CNC machines (like Mach3) to adjust the laser power on the fly for image engraving applications.

This is the 5th generation of this board.  We have been extensively testing with beta customers for the last 9 months to get the best industrial solution possible for engraving images with mach 3.  We have made all of the inputs isolated and designed the board to have minimal noise which can cause the counter to loose steps.  This version is now the most reliable and easy to set up, making it easier to generate images from mach 3.  However, this is not the easiest process to accomplish.  You must have a general understanding of how to set up mach 3 and the board to get it to work.  Please read the manual before you purchase this product.  We will offer support but we can’t fly out to get it all to work on your machine.


  • Convert Step and Direction signals into analog output or PWM output for laser drivers.
  • Isolated inputs to work on many controllers
  • Included power adapter and other power options.
  • PWM output for PWM modulated drivers
  • Analog output for analog modulated drivers
  • Output Enable Relay to control output with M03 command
  • Highly linear output for both PWM Duty Cycle and Analog Voltage Output Operation

Product Manual

Pic-Convert Manual V2_7

Example Engraving


 Pirate PicConvert Laser Engrave Image sm

Connection Overview


PicConvert Signals Highlight Board 2 -800

Setup For PWM Operation

PWM Setup Instructions 1


Set-Up for Analog Operation

Analog Pic-Convert Setup Instructions 1


Additional Information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 2 in


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