High Resolution AR Coated Lens

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This lens will create a smaller and more “rounded” beam to the laser giving a higher resolution spot.  While this is not as noticeable on the smaller wattage lasers, it can be a significant improvement for >3.8W lasers when engraving and cutting.

Both lenses can be interchanged.  This lens will work with the magnet shroud.

Recommended Focus Height:                 1.5″ to 3″ (26mm to 150mm)
Maximum Focus for best results:           3” (150mm).
Lens Holder Length:                                  12mm
Lens Holder Diameter:                              9mm


This lens will give a more “round” spot to the laser and a reduction in the overall laser spot size.  It will be at the cost of a slight reduction in overall power, but the power density will be about the same as the high efficiency lens.  This will give you very high precision in your photo engravings!  Especially on the >4.2W lasers, the spot size is will shrink the long axis and expand the short axis to give a better burn pattern when engraving and cutting.  Note that this lens requires more distance from the work surface than the normal High Efficiency lens that comes standard on our lasers.

Factory Set Focus installed on open laser:    1.5″ from the work surface
Factory Set Focus installed on shrouded:      1/8″ from the work surface

Recommended Focus Height:                 1.5″
Maximum Focus for best results:           3” (76mm).
Lens Holder Length:                                  10mm
Lens Holder Diameter:                              9mm

If you need a longer focal length option, send us a note as we have long focal length versions as well.  Just email [email protected]

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Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions .5 × .5 × .5 in

1 review for High Resolution AR Coated Lens

  1. Alex (verified owner)

    Just got mine & swapped it out in no time flat. No special tools needed.

    It definitely added much more value to my 3.8w since I mostly so engravings under an inch.

    I should have done more research & opted for a lower wattage laser for fine details but this really saved the day.

    Excellent product & fast shipping

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