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J Tech Diode Laser Cutting

J Tech Diode Lasers and Material Interactions

The interaction between visible light and materials is a fascinating topic in physics and is responsible for many of the optical phenomena we observe in everyday life. When visible light interacts with materials, it can be absorbed, transmitted, or reflected, and the behavior depends on various factors, including the material’s composition and the properties of […]

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Picture Engraving with GRBL Machines

e have been doing upgrade kits for GRBL machines like the X Carve and Shapeoko 2 and Shapeoko 3 machines for years now.  Besides these machines, there are tons more that use GRBL for the base firmware to run the machine.  One of the coolest things you can do with these machines is picture engraving. […]

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Lens Comparisons

We ship all of our lasers with the High Efficiency AR Coated lens and have been doing this for about 3 years now.  They push through a lot of power to the work surface.  However, especially on the 3.8W lasers, the long axis of the laser diode is quite long and it can be visible […]

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