Spindle Mounted All-In-One Bundle

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Chuck mount laser makes setup a breeze!

Fits in 1/4″ chucks.  Available in 2.8W, 4.2W, 7W Pro and 14W Dual Pro power levels.
Choose your extension cable length and Power Cord.

If you are ordering this to go on a Shapeoko3 or Bob’s CNC let us know in the order notes on checkout so we can provide the correct cables.

Optional High Resolution Lens

Recommended for the 4.2W and 7W PRO lasers. Included in the 14W Dual Pro laser.

Optional Air Assist Nozzle Kit

Helps with cutting on higher power versions.

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Mount Your Laser to Your Router or Spindle Chuck!

Add a laser to your existing CNC with ease!  No mounting brackets needed.  Just put the laser in your chuck.

For the versions up to 7W PRO

If you have a clearance of 3 1/4″ in your Z axis, then you can use the chuck mounted laser.

  • No more tool offsets.
  • No figuring out mounting brackets.
  • Easy swapping from laser to CNC.

For the 14W Dual Pro version

You will need 4″ of clearance for the 14W version.  Because it has two diodes combined, there is a slightly offset from the bit zero.

  • Tool offsets up to approximately 3mm maximum
  • No figuring out mounting brackets.
  • Easy swapping from laser to CNC.

Developed in partnership with our friends at Probotix CNC, we have come out with an easier design to install a laser on custom CNC machines without the need for mounting brackets.

The patent pending spindle centric design of the laser makes setting up easy.  As long as you have clearance on your Z axis, then you can use this laser.

Also, it works with our magnet mounting kits as well!  Includes magnets on the back for mounting on all of our standard mounting kits.

(*center tolerance is 0.01″ for up to 7W PRO)
(*center tolerance is 0.12″ for 14W Dual PRO)

Up to 7W PRO Clearance

14W Dual PRO Clearance



Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 4 in

Laser Power

2.8W, 4.2W, 7W Pro, 14W Dual Pro

Power Cord Option

US Style

Cord Length

5', 10', 15', 20', 25'

Laser Type

24W Quad PRO, All Other Lasers

Optional Air Assist Nozzle Kit

Laser Type

Dual PRO 14W, 7W & 7W PRO Long, 7W Short


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