Shroud Distance

Focusing Your Laser 101

So you just bought a fancy new laser and now you are wondering how do I get the results that J Tech is getting when I know nothing about lasers?  The answer is that you need to always have the laser be at minimum focus to be able to perform cuts and engravings at their […]

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20 LulzLaser Complete and ready to go!

Custom Lulzbot Mini Laser Conversion

Learn About Our Custom Lulzbot Mini Laser Conversion We recently got a request to complete a full conversion of a lulzbot mini into a laser machine.  We love printing with our lulzbot, but it is even cooler as a laser machine!  The post details the conversion process in case someone else want to perform it […]

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Zen Toolworks CNC Upgrade Instructions Added

The guys over at Zen Toolworks have made instructions on upgrading the Zen Toolworks CNC machines.  It looks pretty awesome!  They even added a cool enclosure to the entire machine.  There are instructions for both of their style kits, the Mach 3 kit and the Arduino kit.  Check it out at the indestructibles website: They […]

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