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445nm Laser Upgrade Kit Applications

Instructions for Upgrading Popular 3D Printer and CNC Brands:


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Thank you again for going above and beyond for what has been the best customer service I’ve ever had :)

Aaro Kirss

Thanks again, Jay! I really appreciate that you’ve gone above and beyond what you had to do as a business owner. This is fabulous customer support!

Matt Gerbrandt

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Featured Video Using 2.8W Laser Kit for Cutting 1/8″ Acrylic:

Photo Engrave with your Laser Upgrade Kit!

PicLaser3DPrinterSupport 800If your 3D printer or CNC support PWM for laser power control, then you can use it to engrave pictures on many materials!  Check out the new PicLaser Lite software to convert your images into G Code for use with our laser upgrade kits.

Download the demo software to try it out today!


New Safety Compliant Laser Kits Available NOW!

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