Shapeoko5 Pro All-in-One Laser and Mounting Kit Bundle


Easy All-in-One Laser and Mounting Kit ordering for your Shapeoko5 Pro CNC.

Order everything you need to get started on one page.

NOW offering the 44W OCTO PRO laser!  The highest power laser upgrade made for your CNC!

*machine and air pump not included*

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Shapeoko5 Pro All in One Laser Mounting Bundle

Includes Everything You Need to Install a Laser on Your Shapeoko5 Pro machine.

All the choices to add a laser to your Shapeoko5 PRO CNC in one place.

1. Pick your Laser Wattage:

There are 5 wattage levels to choose from ( 7W+, Dual PRO 14W24W Quad PRO , or the 44W OCTO PRO).  Most customers go with the highest power they can afford.  The lower power has a lower price, but will take longer to do the same burn level in an engraving.   The 7W+ laser is made for engraving fine detail, the Dual Pro 14W laser be faster engraving.  The 24W Quad Pro will be good for cutting and engraving and the 44W Octo Pro will be the best for cutting and fastest at engraving.

44W OCTO PRO on metal mount on the right side

2. Choose Your Power Cord:

We have options for U.S. (North America), UK (United Kingdom), EU (European Union), and AU (Australia).

The standard kit comes with:

  • Laser Head with Magnetic Mount
  • Laser Shroud or Magnet Base Plate
  • Safety Interface Board or laser driver
  • Power Cord
  • Laser Safety Goggles for 445nm Lasers
  • Laser Quick Connect Magnet Mount (*Metal mount for the 44W Laser)
  • 3 foot Mini Molex Jr. Input Cable
  • Mounting Screws
  • Driver Mounting Sticky Squares
  • Laser Extension Cables
  • Zip Ties and Zip Tie Holders
  • Press Fit Connector and Tool

Air Assist Option:

The 24W and 44W laser comes with the integrated air assist nozzle, hose, and risers.  Pump not included.  50W Aquarium Pump for Cutting

For 7W PRO and 14W Dual PRO lasers, the air assist nozzle kit is here:  Air Assist Nozzle Kit



Shapeoko5 CNC Laser Upgrade

Standard Instructions:

The installation is pretty easy.  It will include three parts.

  1. Installing the mount.
  2. Feeding the extension cable from the gantry to the Carbide Board.
  3. Connecting the laser driver to the Carbide Board.

We will go through these now.


The mount will go on the side in the accessory port.  You can slide it up and down with the thumb screw.  The laser will then attach to the mount with magnets (and locking screws for the 24W).

Shapeoko5 J Tech Laser Side Mount


Extension Cables

Place the laser head on the mount and then check the gender of the cable on the laser.  Match this with the corresponding side of the extension cable to connect it.  Starting with this side, either put the extension cable in the cable chain back to the Carbide board or zip tie it on the side of the cable chains.  Once back by the carbide board, connect it into the back port of the laser driver.

Connect to Carbide Board

Using the small 3′ molex cable included in the kit, connect it to the Carbide board ISP header.  Take the cover off the Carbide board and use the black dupont side of the cable to connect to the board header.  It is shown in the following pictures.

On the other end of the cable, connect it to the laser driver black box.  Connect it in the black Molex connector on the back as shown in the picture below.


Lightburn Setup

We recommend using Lightburn software to run the machine.  A video on how to set it up is here:




Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 in
Laser Power

Octo PRO 44W w/air assist, Quad PRO 24W w/air assist, Dual PRO 14W, 7W+

Power Cord Option

US Style, UK Style, EU Style, AUS Style


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